Donating To The United States Basketball Academy

kids-basketballThe United States Basketball Academy is a facility that has been operating for 18 years. The purpose of the USBA is to help young athletes learn the fundamentals of basketball. This academy also hosts basketball camp every summer. People from all over the country attend camp at the United States Basketball Academy. In fact, some people even come from other countries to attend basketball camp.

The United States Basketball Academy is located 47 miles east of the Eugene-Springfield area in Oregon. In the past, only high school and college students attended the United States Basketball Academy. Today, it has expanded. There are amateur basketball players from around the world are coming to train at the USBA.

What Type Of Amenities Are Available At The USBA?

The USBA is able to hold up to 250 people at one time. It has a combination of dormitories and lodging. It has a large indoor gymnasium with two courts. There are also four courts located outside. In addition to basketball courts, the USBA also has a fitness center, volleyball court, horseshoe pit and fishing pond. Additionally, there is a low and high ropes course. There is certainly no shortage of fun things to do at USBA.

Who Runs The USBA?

The United States Basketball Academy would not be the success that it is today without the hardworking people who run it. Bruce O’Neil is the president of the United States Basketball Academy. He has had several years of coaching experience. In fact, he started coaching back in 1969.

Dale Brown also helps with the program. He is a former coach of Louisiana State University. His team competed in 15 straight national tournaments during the time that he was a coach. Rick Hall is another person who helps oversee the operations at the United States Basketball Academy. He is a Hall of Famer. Hill led the NBA, NCAA and ABA in scoring at one time. Bob Hill, Ernie Woods and Shaquille O’Neal are some of the other people who have contributed to the United States Basketball Academy.

Who Will Benefit From Attending The United States Basketball Academy?

Anyone who is looking for exceptional basketball training should consider attending the United States Basketball Academy. Both coaches and players will benefit from attending the USBA. It is important to note that the dates fill up quickly. That is why people who are interested are interested are encouraged to contact the USBA as soon as possible.

People who attend the USBA can expect to get an intensive coaching experience. Not only do the coaches teach the basics, but they also go into detailed instruction on defense and offense. Furthermore, the coaches focus on health and wellness.

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