Building Potential At The United States Basketball Academy

usbaFor 18 years, the United States Basketball Academy (USBA) has been developing young players into future stars of the game. The USBA is committed to teaching young players the importance of fundamentals, while fostering an atmosphere of excellence at their camps.

The USBA is well-known for its record of turning out young basketball stars through their summer basketball camp. It also offers a premier year-round training facility for coaches and players from around the world. The USBA’s facilities are located on a sprawling 46 acres of land, 47 miles east of Eugene-Springfield, Oregon, and is a truly awe-inspiring campus. Players who attend the summer basketball camp at the USBA will find a 15,000 square foot gymnasium, complete with two NBA regulation hardwood floors, as well as four full-sized outdoor courts.

The summer program at USBA includes lodging on-site, and use of premier eating facilities as well. The complex offers lodging for up to 250 athletes, with executive lodges to ensure the comfort of all camp participants. The lodges come complete with a large meeting room and kitchen, complete with three bedrooms and two bathrooms per unit. The complex also houses a state of the art kitchen and dining center, which provides meals for up to 300 persons per seating.

All of the wonderful amenities offered at the USBA ensure only the highest quality experience for campers. Not only is the basketball instruction the best you can find, endorsed by coaching legends such as John Wooden, but the overall experience is top-notch as well. Once you set foot on campus, you won’t want to leave.

Outside of the basketball instruction and lodging facilities, the USBA site also offers a wide range of leisure activities for campers during their free time. On the vast 46 acre expanse, you will find a fitness center, a swimming pool, a sand volleyball court, a fishing pond and a nature hiking trail. There is also a challenge course with both high and low ropes activities, that are perfect for encouraging teamwork, and teaching the importance of building trust among your teammates.

The USBA’s mission is to foster the growth of young basketball talent, and take their game to the next level. Because of its world-wide reputation as a leader of basketball instruction and camps, the USBA has become particularly popular for players from China looking to develop their game. China boasts the largest basketball player population in the world, with 300 million men and women who play the sport. There has been a large influx of Chinese players coming to train at the USBA, honing their game and working toward success at high levels of competition. Not only that, but the USBA has made a concerted effort to train coaches who can provide the knowledge and leadership necessary for a team to be successful.

The USBA’s continued dedication toward developing premier talent means that the organization is always drawing players from across the globe, and its camp consistently turns out some of the best players in the world.

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