10 Popular Kratom Strains

Kratom Plant

Kratom strains have varying effects for relaxation, energy, giving a more euphoric experience and there are kratom varieties, usually of the red vein persuasion, which are great pain relievers. Different strains will have multiple veins, but the veins may have varying potency. The following is a list of 10 potent and popular varieties of kratom. Experimentation with samples and extensive, prior research is always encouraged.

Hula Kapua

This is another strain known for its power in the three main vein products. The white vein is especially energizing and perfect for manual labor. It is strong enough for green to be as energizing as white from other strains.

Thai Kratom

This strain is known to be more energizing than most, but it’s weaker on relaxation. It has an established reputation for pain relief too. It’s often compared to Bali.

Maeng Da

This is arguably the most famous strain of kratom. Although it’s short in duration, it’s well known for its power in energy, mood or sedation depending on the vein.

Malay Kratom

This is an interesting strain favored for its cognitive boosting effects, and it has better longevity. Compared to others, it is mediocre for anxiety and pain relief.

Indo Kratom

This is the ideal strain for relaxation and pain relief. It is also known for being great for depression. Super Indo Kratom has helped a lot of people kick opiate addiction too.

Sumatra Kratom

The red vein products from this strain are especially good for sleep and stress relief. The white vein is known for its longevity and balance of focus and energy.

Cambodian Kratom

This strain of kratom closely resemble the Indonesian strain, although the white vein variety is known to be particularly powerful. Other veins are well balanced for mood, sleep and pain relief.

Riau Kratom

This is a sweeter tasting, rare strain of kratom. Many users have experienced better relaxations and sedation from it, and there is significant mood enhancement and pain relief.

Vietnamese Kratom

This is a newer product to the west, but it’s growing in popularity. It’s comparable to Maeng Da’s power in drive,focus and energy. The rumor is its power originates in more alkaloids.

Bali Kratom (Borneo)

Bali is known to be the relaxing strain, which can induce a lovely euphoric state. It also has well known pain relief properties. Its energizing effects are mediocre though.

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